We are Wi Energy!

Wi Energy Ltd is a wholly Ghanaian owned company which was carved out of Wi Tech Group, also an indigenous Ghanaian Group of companies that provide financial services, logistics and networking which has participated and provided services to numerous companies in Ghana and transport ministry in Cote D’Ivoire.

The group forming Wi Energy are Ghanaians with extensive experience in international oil, petroleum products trade and strategic marine logistics management and finance. Our expertise in the industry includes the procurement and strategic management of oil and petroleum products, sea freighting, storage and delivery to offshore installations and Ship-ToShip transfer activity.

Wi Energy has been established and licensed to operate in the Bulk Distribution of Petroleum products in Ghana.


Our Mission

In the pursuit of our corporate vision, we aim to; develop and adopt efficient purchasing and distribution processes and techniques that will provide value for our clients beyond pricing. Also, we aim to institutionalize local trade knowledge using technology. Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Service

Vision Statement

To be the market leader in the supply and distribution of petroleum products in the West African sub region

Operational Plans

Due to highly competitive nature of the current BDC landscape, Wi Energy will upon entering the market focus on serving the gaps that exist within the market of low volume buyers. This will be achieved by leveraging on existing marketing relationships to consolidate such buyers who are typically underserved by the market leaders. Such consolidation will require forming trade agreements with export buyers in Burkina Faso and Mali.

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